have a line of Premium Quality Herbal Dietary Supplements formulated by
DR. VIREN SAHU and DR. INDIRA SAHU, The Master Herbalists, who have for over 20 years nurtured, researched, travelled the worldover and developed the business of Herbal Dietary Supplements.

DR. VIREN SAHU, The Chairman of is M.Sc., in Chemistry and Ph.D., in Biochemistry. He worked as a Post- Doctoral Research Fellow at The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, and he took special training in Radioisotope Techniques at The United States Atomic Energy Research Establishment at The Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies,Tennessee,USA. He also took special training at The U.K. Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell and at The Research Department of Churchill Hospital, Oxford, He has published several scientific papers in the leading biochemical journals of the world. In one of his early assignments, DR. VIREN SAHU worked as the Managing Director of Kosmetica Pvt. Ltd., Bombay, India, that had close links with Binaca, Basle, Switzerland.

DR. INDIRA SAHU, M.B.B.S., The Vice Chairperson of is a Medical Doctor. She was a Member of The House Staff at Abbott Hospital. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She also took special training in Radioisotope Techniques at The Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, USA.

AJAY KUMAR SAHU, M.Com., MBA, The President of has done a comprehensive market survey of Herbal Nutritional Health Products in The United States Of America and Canada and visited several Health Food Stores, Health Shops and Nutrition Centers.

ROOPRENU M. A.,(Econ:), MBA,( USA) is The Vice President- Marketing, of .

At we strive to offer 100% Natural Source Dietary Supplements of the Finest

maintains stringent standards for cleanliness, purity, potency And

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