"The All Herbal Bowel Regulator And Colon Cleanser For The Comfortable Relief Of Constipation, Digestive And Eliminative Problems Affecting Millions The World Over."
(Phyllanthus emblica)   (Terminalia belerica)   (Terminalia cheluba)  
Contains TRIPHALA (THREE FRUITS) The Legendary Time Honoured Traditional Ayurvedic Household All Herbal Dietary Supplement Used For Thousands Of Years By Million Of People PLUS Combined with TRIKATU (THREE SPICES) The Another Well Known Herbal Dietary Supplement Of Ayurveda.
"Two important Ayurvedic combinations used throughout the world today are
Triphala and Trikatu " 8
The Herbal Dietary Supplement Contains Extracts Of
NATURE'S All Natural Herbal Ingredients: THREE FRUITS (TRIPHALA ) - AMLA (Phyllanthus emblica) BEHADA (Terminalia belerica) And HARADA (Terminalia cheluba) PLUS THREE SPICES (TRIKATU) -GINGER (Zingiber officinale), LONG PEPPER (Piper longum) And BLACK PEPPER (Piper nigrum).
"Triphala formulation from three different plants Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Emblica the best laxative and bowel tonic ... Fruit of these three plants are powerful rejuvenators." 22
"Triphala a powdered formulation from three different plants Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Emblica officinalis, traditional Ayurvedic practitioners refer to Triphala as a 'good manager of house', one which successfully attends to digestion, nutrient absorption, and body metabolism ...this combination has been used for indigestion, constipation, and as an adjunct in ulcer healing, in addition to other uses." 23
"Triphala is the most valuable Ayurvedic preparation with cleansing and strenthening properties is safe for eliminating excesses while imparting strength to the gastrointestinal tract." 5
"Trikatu ...consist of three spices: ginger, long pepper, black pepper. They are taken ...for weak digestion..." 5

AYURVEDIC LAXATIVE is thus the all herbal bowel regulator and colon cleanser for the comfortable relief of constipation, digestion and eliminative problems affecting millions the worldover. It invigorates and tones the entire digestive and eliminative systems and makes the process of elimination complete, efficient and lasting.

TRIPHALA Extract (5:1) ... 400 mg.     TRIKATU Extract (6:1) ... 25 mg.
"THREE FRUITS" :         "THREE SPICES" :    
AMLA (Phyllanthus emblica) Plus         GINGER (Zingiber officinale) PIus    
BEHADA (Terminalia belerica) Plus         LONG PEPPER (Piper longum) Plus    
HARADA (Terminalia cheluba)         BLACK PEPPER (Piper nigrum)    

Each capsule of these highly concentrated extracts is equivalent to 2150 mg. of pure herbal powder.

FREE FROM: Preservatives, Sugar, Salt, Starch, Milk, Yeast, Corn, Wheat, And Artificial Flavours.

SUGGESTED USE: As a Dietary Supplement, Take Two Capsules At Bedtime.

PRESENTATION: Pack of 30 Capsules.

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